Senior Safety

Assuring Senior Safety on Multiple Levels

Palm Beach Companion Services helps assure the safety of each senior client through Interactive Caregiving, recommendations on making the senior’s home safe and secure and advanced monitoring and alerting technology solutions.

Through Interactive Caregiving, our Palm Beach Companion Services promote the physical, mental, emotional, and nutritional service of seniors. Enhancing their service and well-being, this service reduces seniors’ risk of illness and falls. Palm Beach Companion Services offers advanced technology solutions, and other monitoring devices such as Life Alert, all designed to assure the safety of seniors, even between caregivers’ visits.

Our Palm Beach Companion Service helps seniors’ families by offering guidance on how to make a home safer for seniors and to accommodate the physical changes that naturally come with aging. Palm Beach Companion Service has years of experience in creating and maintaining safe homes for seniors, and after our evaluation, we may recommend handrails, a safer furniture arrangement and much more.

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