Senior Mind

Engaged Minds Stay Stronger

Time naturally takes its toll on individuals’ minds, but lifestyle choices can play a large role in preventing memory loss and diminished cognitive skills. Palm Beach Companion Service’s caregivers have extensive experience helping seniors maintain healthy routines that ultimately benefit both their minds and their moods.

The Mental Benefits of Staying Active

Everyone knows that regular movement benefits the heart, but not as many people are aware of exercise’s positive impact on the mind. In fact, doctors believe that regular activity can stave off Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. One study that explored this notion tracked the service of women over 65, as well as how many blocks they walked on average. Unsurprisingly, those who walked more blocks were less likely to experience a decline in their mental abilities.

Palm Beach Companion Care can assist older individuals with activities that safely encourage healthy movement, all the while minding the specific physical needs of the client.

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