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In-Home Companionship and Services Services Questions?

Maintaining a nutritious diet impacts overall wellbeing, as well as decreases the likelihood of many common services conditions like heart disease and diabetes.  For these reasons, many of our seniors have prescribed meal plans to which they must adhere for services reasons. Whether you seek help following a special diet or just want companionship in the kitchen, our caregivers can provide the food prep necessary for wholesome at-home meals. Our clients are welcomed to work alongside the caregiver to nurture conversation and a sense of accomplishment.

Caregivers join seniors for mealtime, taking advantage of the relaxed environment to forge natural friendships. The result? Eating will be both healthy and enjoyable.

Studies prove that seniors who stay socially engaged enjoy an improved quality of life compared to their solitary counterparts. They also have a lower tendency to develop depression and general cognitive decline. Our caregivers provide seniors with the conversation, mealtime companionship, and camaraderie during their favorite activities, all from the comfort of home. Our clients’ happiness is our ultimate goal!

Our caregivers can take services of all laundry needs, either in the home or at a nearby laundromat. These services may include washing, drying, ironing, and putting clean laundry away.

Our caregivers are available to provide light housekeeping. Our services include vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, light housekeeping, ( We are not a Maid Service) cleaning kitchens (sinks, appliances, counters, and taking out the trash), straightening all rooms, organizing closets and drawers.

Getting around can be difficult for seniors, especially if they are unable to drive. Our caregivers take services of this problem by running around for you. This can include grocery shopping and other errands, such as stopping at the pharmacy or post office. Your loved ones are welcome to stay home or come along for the ride as a way to stay active

Our Caregivers will give medication reminders to our clients when its the time for our clients to take their medication on there own.We will supervise and watch the clients, and will report to the family if their loved one took their medication on time.We cannot and will not administer any medication to our clients.

Although our caregivers cannot administer medications, they can assist in ensuring that clients take their medication as prescribed. With our caregivers being present this will give you peace of mind that your loved ones took their medications while being supervised by our caregiver.

Engaged Minds Stay Stronger

Time naturally takes its toll on individuals’ minds, but lifestyle choices can play a large role in preventing memory loss and diminished cognitive skills. Palm Beach Companion Service’s caregivers have extensive experience helping seniors maintain healthy routines that ultimately benefit both their minds and their moods.

The Mental Benefits of Staying Active

Everyone knows that regular movement benefits the heart, but not as many people are aware of exercise’s positive impact on the mind. In fact, doctors believe that regular activity can stave off Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. One study that explored this notion tracked the service of women over 65, as well as how many blocks they walked on average. Unsurprisingly, those who walked more blocks were less likely to experience a decline in their mental abilities.

Palm Beach Companion Care can assist older individuals with activities that safely encourage healthy movement, all the while minding the specific physical needs of the client.

Signs Your Elderly Loved One Needs In-Home Services

As your senior family member ages, everyday tasks can become more difficult. Even something as simple as getting dressed in the morning can take longer than it used to. With In-Home Senior Services, seniors can stay independent longer. Watch for these signs. If your loved ones demonstrate any of the following, you should consider hiring a caregiver.

  • Being forgetful or confused about taking medication
  • Feeling frustrated by completing daily tasks
  • Having less energy than they used to or spending more time in bed
  • Appearing uninterested in activities that they used to enjoy

With a caregiver’s help, most seniors can continue living on their own.

In-Home ServicesActivities

We create a plan for all clients, based on their service and abilities. Their caregiver will help them at home and encourage them to stay active. Some of the activities we assist with include:

  • Short walks around their home or neighborhood
  • Weekly shopping trips
  • Interactive mind games
  • Interactive stimulating puzzles and word finds
  • Playing board or card games together

Assuring Senior Safety on Multiple Levels.

Palm Beach Companion Services helps assure the safety of each senior client through Interactive Caregiving, recommendations on making the senior’s home safe and secure and advanced monitoring and alerting technology solutions

Through Interactive Caregiving, our Palm Beach Companion Services promote the physical, mental, emotional, and nutritional service of seniors. Enhancing their service and well-being, this service reduces seniors’ risk of illness and falls. Palm Beach Companion Services offers advanced technology solutions,  and other monitoring devices such as Life Alert, all designed to assure the safety of seniors, even between caregivers’ visits.

Our Palm Beach Companion Service helps seniors’ families by offering guidance on how to make a home safer for seniors and to accommodate the physical changes that naturally come with aging. Palm Beach Companion Service has years of experience in creating and maintaining safe homes for seniors, and after our evaluation, we may recommend handrails, a safer furniture arrangement and much more.

When someone needs around-the-clock service, it’s common to think the only option is placing your loved one into an Assisted Living Facility ( ALF). However, with Palm Beach Companion Service, that is not the only option. Palm Beach Companion Service offers In-Home Companion Service Elderly Services that allow your loved one to remain safe in the comfort of their own home.

Our highly-trained, compassionate caregivers are available to offer 24 hour home service services for seniors and other adults who:

  • need assistance throughout the day and evening.
  • wake up frequently in the middle of the night
  • are prone to sleepwalking or wandering
  • may experience loneliness
  • need assistance with household chores, preparing meals, shopping, and other errands
  • need assistance with transportation

Palm Beach Companion Service also provides services to those recently discharged from the hospital, post op., discharged from mental service facilities, people who have been in auto accidents or other accidents, and those with limited mobility. We believe that everyone should experience connection, purpose, and joy in life, and our individualized service plans include ways to bring daily doses of joy to clients, no matter their age or acuity.

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